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We understand that you have great needs growing up in this generation. Abortion,drugs, homosexuality, where can you turn? Are you confused? Perhaps even afraid? We want you to know you have a safe place to come. We also want to help you develop as a leader among your peers. We know how powerful your life can be when God is your focus. Just as Paul encouraged Timothy we also urge you to "Set an example to all believers in faith, life, love, and purity" All to God's glory and your greater good

How Do I Know A Guy Likes Me?

How do you deal with liking a boy who doesn't know you like him? Does continuous eye contact mean that a boy is attracted to you?


Girlfriends' Mentor Faye Pind's Response

Abandoned by a Friend

I'm trying to stay strong but I am so hurt. I have a friend that I dearly love and miss, but for some reason shes completely abandoned me. The thing I don't understand is that she says she is my friend and everything is fine when we talk, but nothing ever really changes. I've tried everything I know to do, but nothing works. I don't want to participate in this pretentiousness but my heart won't let me let go. What does 0ne do with that?


What can I do to adjust to my father getting remarried?

My dad is getting re-married on the 17th and I do not like her at all. The last few times I was over there he ignored me a lot and his fiancee was really mean to me. Also her 4 year old daughter draws all over my stuff. He does nothing about this. This weekend was supposed to be his and my time together, but I stayed over at my mother's house instead because no one thought it was a good idea for me to go.

I have been stressed out and very short tempered. Not so much with my family though. Just a little with my friends and with a couple of people at school. My faith has gone down also, but I have been praying for it.

Kaydn, Mississippi

What should I do about girls my age who are having premarital sex?

I am not sure what to do anymore... I know a bunch of girls my age at my school that are having sex and it worries me because I know what God thinks about that and it also worries me that I am 13 and that shouldn't be happening at their ages.

I have tried talking to my principal about it and I tried to start a club that allows girls to talk about peer pressure and sex, and she said that she would call a couple of people to see if they would support that group. I haven't heard anything from her since then.

What aggravates me is that the school isn't going to make an effort to change. I know one girl that quit school because she was pregnant. Guess how old she is..13 or 14. I know another girl that is a day older than me and she had sex with a guy that is 18 or 19 that lives across the street from me. I have no idea what to do except pray about it.

Kadyn, Mississippi

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